Channel Drainage

Channel Drainage, A15 Pvc Plastic Top Channel Drainage , Galvanised Top Channel Drainage & Stainless Steel Channel Drainage Available Including Quad Blocks & Accessories Pack Also Channel Drainage Garage Packs From Dek Drain Dispatched From The Western Depot Usually Next Day

C250 Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel
Access covers and gratings capable of withstanding a 250kN test load. For use in car parks, forecourts, industrial sites and areas with slow moving traffic also in highway locations up to 500mm from the kerb and up to 200mm into the verge, excluding motorways.

Easy to install, no mechanical assistance required
Extremely durable (loading classes up to D 400)
4 different widths (100, 150, 200 or 300 mm)
Eco-friendly: Fully recyclable
Design: Wide selection of gratings
Optimal anchorage in the concrete base
Resistant to chemical substances, salt and oils
Heat-resistant – mastic asphalt can be installed directly at the drainage channel

D400 Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel
Access covers and gratings capable of withstanding a 600kN test load. For use in areas where high wheel loads are imposed such as loading areas, docks or aircraft pavements.
Polymer concrete with galvanised steel edge rails
Knockout section for vertical outlet (optional)
Locking bar slots
2 x 500mm ductile iron narrow slot grates
Ductile iron grates are coated with black bitumen
2 locking bars & bolts fitted

F900 Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel
Access covers and gratings capable of withstanding a 900kN test load. For use in areas where particularly high wheel loads are imposed such as aircraft pavements.

High quality polymer concrete with integrated side ribs for perfect anchoring in the concrete bed
Perfectly frost resistant, wear-free and almost mantenance free
Modular leightweight construction
Numerous fall versions available
Recyclable materials
Large choice of gratings
Capillary-free for fast water drainage and dirt removal
Highly resistant against chemicals
General building supervision approval granted

A15 Polymer Concrete Domestic Channel
Access covers and gratings capable of withstanding a 15kN test load. For use in areas where only pedestrians have access.
Easy to install
Very low maintenance
Minimal excavation
Channel body made of high-quality polymer concrete
Loading class A 15
Ideal for private usage: garage entries, courts, terraces …
High-quality for value
Ductile iron and galvanised gratings available
Channel Drainage with Speedy Plastics is an easy affair. We have every option available for you that you might need for your house, office or workplace.

From A15 PVC plastic top channel drainage to galvanised top channel drainage to stainless steel channel drainage including quad blocks, accessory packs, garage packs, our collection is extremely vast and wide. Moreover, each piece is easy to fit, thanks to interlocking bases and grates.

All Channel Drains consist of a preformed channel made of either strong polypropylene or heavy polymer concrete with a grating on top to prevent debris entering the channel. The purpose of a channel drain is to remove water from concreted, paved or tarmaced areas.

The MEARIN PLUS drainage channel made from glass-fibre-reinforced composite (GRP) is a genuine all-rounder. Thanks to the innovative material, this drainage channel is lightweight, easy to install and extremely robust.

With the dimensions of 1000mm x 130mm x 80mm, shallow channel drainage is available With quadbox`s , end caps & end outlets.

We provide the highest quality at the lowest prices. Further, we promise fast doorstep delivery and uninterrupted guidance.

For any assistance regarding Channel Drainage, visit or call us at 03300 885085.

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