Manhole Inspection Chamber Bases

Speedy Plastics Supply All Types Of Underground Drainage Manhole Inspection Chamber Bases For Shallow And Deeper Applications , We Stock The 110mm 5 Inlet 450mm Fixed Manhole Base, 110mmm 3 Inlet 320mm Fixed Manhole Bases And The 110mm 5 Inlet Version As Well . Underground Drainage Manhole Inspection Chambers are available here at Speedy Plastics in all Diameters & Depths From Shallow Chambers To Deep Inspection Chambers, Deliveries 1-2 Days

Inspection Chambers form an important part of the underground drainage system, providing access for testing, inspecting and clearing blockages. Speedy Plastics supplies the complete range of underground drainage manhole inspection chamber bases for shallow and deeper application. We’ve put together a selection of the finest inspection and access chambers – from 110mm 5 Inlet 450mm fixed manhole base to 110mmm 3 Inlet 320mm fixed manhole base to 110mm 5 Inlet version – to fulfil all your requirements.

Inspection Chamber Structure

The inspection chamber comprises f a base, sectional risers with a seal, and a manhole cover that is specific to the required finish.

When is a Manhole Inspection Chamber used?

An inspection chamber is generally used when a branch pipe joins the main drainage run (unless it’s a rainwater pipe).

It can also be used in cases when any drainage pipe changes direction horizontally by30° or more or when there is a straight run of more than 22m.

Is there a choice of Manhole Cover?

Yes, we supply different varieties of manhole covers to fit our chambers, including square, round, recessed and airtight. Your job is to decide the right combination and we’ll do the rest.

Any other tips?

Don’t forget to check whether the rubber seals are in place and all unused inlets have blanking plugs.

For more details or tips on installation, get in touch with our experts by dialing 03300 885 085.

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