Soakaways Crates & Membranes

Soakaway Crates – Attenuation Cells, Speedy Plastics Stock 20t & 40t Soak Away Attenuation Cells & Woven & Non Woven Geotextile Membrane On A 2-3 Day Service From The Southern Depot. And The Dek-Drain 20t, 30t, 40t, 50t, 60t & 100 tonne Soak Away Crates From The Western Depot Delivery 1-2 Days ( Usually Next Day )

Soakaway Crates are a step forward in drainage technology, replacing traditional inefficient soakaways, filled with hardcore building waste and providing a safe, intelligent solution to rainwater management. Used for attenuation or soakaway purposes in commercial and domestic projects, a soakaway crate system basically helps in controlling the level of surface water, especially in areas prone to flooding or heavy rains.

Speedy Plastics sells the smartest range of soakaway crates and membranes. Available either fully assembled or flat packed to save valuable space on site, we have a wide variety of plastic soakaway crates to suit all types of different site requirements.

Ways To Use Our Crates and Membranes

By combining our soakaway crates with our waterproof geotextile and pipework, you can easily create an attenuation system that is capable of redirecting the water collected to a local body of water or into storm drains at a more acceptable flow rate. This, in turn, will help in reducing the risk of flooding as you can install a filter to control the flow of water.

In addition to this, these plastic soakaway crates can also be used to create a soakaway system. This can be done by wrapping the soakaway crates in a permeable geotextile which will allow water to leak out slow on the surrounding earth – at a rate that the ground can accept. This will prevent any kind of floods or stagnant surface water.

Soakaway Crate Membrane Sizes

The overall size of the soakaway system depends on the available space, the soil type and the expected flow rate of surface water. On an average, you would need 3 soakaway crates per m3, but again this varies depending on the brand and the model of the crate.

Speedy Plastics provide you with 20t & 40t soak away attenuation cells, woven & non-woven geotextile membranes. We also have in stock dek-drain 20t, 30t, 40t, 50t, 60t & 100-tonne soakaway crates.

Soakaway Crate Installation

Depending on the soil conditions, expected water flow rate and available space, the first step of installation are excavating the site where you wish to install plastic soakaway crates. Once this has been done, the ground should be levelled for hardcore stability. Now install and fix the crates – ensure they are clipped together properly- backfill them with suitable pea shingle.

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