Manhole Covers & Frames

Manhole Covers & Frames Supplied in All Shapes And Sizes. From Recessed Manhole Cover & Frames To Recessed Block Paviors To Plastic & Galvanised Solid Top . We Also Do Ductile Iron Including Access Grates All Dispatched From The Southern Depot 1-2 Days

Drain covers, also known as manhole covers, come in load-bearing classes for weight endurance of heavy vehicles. Available in all shapes and sizes, our manhole covers and frames range from recessed block paviors to plastic covers to galvanised solid tops to ductile iron covers and frames.

Ductile Iron Manhole Covers & Frames

Available in different dimensions, these covers can support vehicles of all sorts – iron being a strong and powerful material. Unlike galvanised covers, these are black in colour which makes them suitable for highways where they can be blended into the tarmac for a better aesthetic.

Block Paviors Manhole Covers & Frames

Speedy Plastics stocks a wide range of block paviors manhole covers and frames from one of the leading suppliers Clark Drain. Available in square and rectangular shapes, these recessed covers feature an indented metal tray, that provides a base for paving slabs, block paving or screed to be laid in.

Galvanised Steel Manhole Covers & Frames

Made of steel, these covers are used in areas with slow-moving traffic or with only foot traffic. Since they can be slippery when wet, it is recommended not to use them on highways or car parks. On the other hand, they have a chequered design to minimise the risk of slipping for pedestrians and slow-moving vehicles.

Plastic Manhole Covers & Frame

From recessed manhole covers & frames to recessed block paviors, and with both plastic and solid galvanised tops, we have a wide variety for you in-store.

Types of Manhole Seals

1. Single Seal
Most standard manhole covers have a single seal, applied to both the cover and frame. This type of seal is usually sufficient to create an airtight seal.

2. Double Seal
Best suited to internal sewage manholes, this forms a comprehensive airtight seal.

3. No Seal
Some covers have no airtight seals but slot into place. These are often called “plain seated”. Perfect for access to cables and utilities, these types tend to be more cost-effective.

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